Bird Cartel Privacy Policy

Updated March 27 2023

Kanji Book, Kana Book, Downwordly, Widget Construction Set, and Pine Tar Poker collect no data from users.
To support Global Stats, Well Word collects metadata related to each game that is played. This data has no user-identifiable data contained in it. It is simply the list of words played, how they were played, and the scores that resulted from that play. This data is persisted on a server with no record of the IP address that submitted the data. If a user submits feedback to Bird Cartel via in-game feedback mechanisms, certain data (outlined below) will be transmitted to Bird Cartel and Codecks (the service Bird Cartel uses for feedback). Codecks Privacy Policy can be found at

Feedback Data

If a user voluntarily submits feedback, the following data will be sent to Bird Cartel:
- Device Type (e.g. Android or iOS)
- Device Model (e.g. Pixel 3 or iPhone 12)
- App version number
- In-game log of game events
- Any user-entered feedback message
- If optionally provided by the user, user-entered email address
Feedback data is used in the service of making Bird Cartel products better. Information isn't retained for longer than necessary and is never sold.


If you have questions regarding your privacy while using Bird Cartel products, please email me at